About Us

Erin & Avery Studio, Co. was founded in 2020 by Sharissa, a wife, mother of three, and a creative enthusiast. Sharissa pours her energy into home and family, which is at the core of what she loves. Creating a positive home experience that promotes mental health is very important to her. Aesthetically, she understands that part of the home experience involves how a room looks, sounds, feels, and of course, smells. Scents become memories that last throughout our lives.

The aromatherapy of a candle burn offers a healing that penetrates the body through the nose and eyes. Sharissa understood these benefits firsthand as a recent graduate student in Strategic Advertising and Marketing at Temple University. Being a wife, mother of two (at the time), working full-time and attending graduate school, along with her husband working full-time and attending graduate school was no easy task, often causing anxiety. But she remained rooted and balanced through her love of candles and creating the at home experience that offered her the ability to be unbothered through some of her most stressful times.

As a creative person, down to her soul, she continues to elevate and bring new ideas to light. While completing her graduate degree 2019, she began learning the process of candle making and studying the art diligently in order to deliver to her future customers a refined product. Along with the carefully selected oils, wax and wicks, it was equally as important to deliver a product that promotes luxury in how it is presented in the home. This holistic way of thinking, designing, and creating has produced a premium product that will be sure to create the home experience we all deserve.

When thinking of what to name the company, that came easy. Sharissa and her husband Aaron are blessed with 3 wonderful children, Nyla Erin, Kaden Avery, and Alaya Jade. They are the source of inspiration for creating a home experience that will be the foundation of what home will feel like for their future generations. This is what this company represents. It is our hope that our candles and diffusers help you create that special experience in your own homes.

With love,
Erin and Avery Studio Co.

Each candle and diffuser are hand poured in small batches. All ingredients are sourced to give the most holistic experience as possible.